Come fish with u.s.c.g. Licensed captain George Murphy on the Hudson River and you will discover why I think Saugerties is the best place to be during the annual striped bass run">

About the Captain:

It is safe to say that I’ve spent my entire life chasing fish. So, the natural evolution was for me to finally do the work and get my captain’s license.  I’ve been fishing for striped bass in the Hudson River since the mid-eighties.

Mostly trolling then, that was the thing to do, especially in Kingston. We would catch some fish,  usually smaller ones. I was very proud of those fish, though. See, I had an uncle who was one of those hard-core fanatics that lived to fish the beaches of the Cape and Long Island. Growing up, those fish were an enigma to me.

I paid some dues fishing the beaches at night as a kid. I was happy with a dogfish! So as a young man, catching my own bass was good. Then I adopted the philosophy of the fly fisherman, “Match the hatch” - the hatch being herring! My fishing here in the river revolved around the herring.

If the ospreys were here, then the herring were here, and that meant the stripers were here... and I was going fishing! Provided I could catch, buy, or beg some fresh herring. If you fish with me we’re gonna get 'em. I can almost guarantee it!

I fish out of smaller striper boats compared to some charter captains I know. Reason being, I need to get up to the falls of the Esopus to get the freshest bait I can. There are times Iím fishing shallow. Real shallow. Iím talking fish in just two feet of water! The big boats just canít get in that shallow water.

My kind of fishin' is big fish [30lb Striped Bass!] in very shallow water. Now that’s exciting! You see the strike as it happens, right in front of your eyes! Then they make a b-line to deep water. We’re talking a 50-100 yard run!  My trips are for the greedy fisherman; with 1-2 guests on board the chances are good that you’ll be busy.

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